First Prefix


Notes bearing the First Prefix are those from the first batch to be issued. They bear the prefix A/1 and AA or in the case of the 'Portrait' Series 0AA. The 'Orchid' and 'Bird' First Prefix are scarce with the $50 'Bird' commanding the highest value in Uncirculated (UNC). The Last Prefix is also another favorite. That is the Last Prefix for the various denomination?
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Singapore 'Ship' Series $500 with First Prefix A/1 999999 & A/1 1000000 (Last note for 'Ship' $500 First Prefix.)
An extremely rare pair of 'Ship' $500 bearing First Prefix A/1. Only 2 pair of these is available for 'Ship' $500 as the last prefix end at imcompleted A/3. i.e A/1 999999, A/1 1000000 and A/2 999999, A/2 1000000.
A highly desirable and handsome pair of banknotes in Singapore.






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