It is difficult enough to get a Solid Number note. But to get the same Solid Number with the same prefix must certainly be more difficult than striking 4D.


Singapore 'Ship' Series $1, $5 and $50 with serial number B/7 777777.
A very rare Matching Super Solid, A type set like this is extremely difficult to obtain.



Singapore 'Ship' Series $10 and $50 with serial number F/7 777777.
Another rare Matching for Singapore 'Ship' Series $10 and $50.



Singapore 'Ship' Series $10 and $50 with serial number G/55 555555.
An extremely rare Matching on two Super Solid Number in the same series. This is the only two denomination in the whole 'Ship' Series which has the serial number G/55 555555.


Singapore 'Ship' Series $10 with serial number E/55 555555 and 'Portrait' Series $10 with serial number 0EE 555555.
Another impressive Matching on two Super Solid Numbers in the same denomination but difference series.
Extremely rare perfect all the 5. (Nine 5s) as the Alphabet 'E' represent Digit '5'. This is the only piece of Nine 5s in the whole 'Ship' $10 denomination.
This is also the only piece for Super Solid 5s in a 'Portrait' $10 note.



Singapore 'Ship' Series $1, $5 and $10 with serial number B/5 555555.
An excellent type set of Matching Super Solid Numbers, Extremely rare for the Solid 5s in $5 note. Almost impossible to gather these notes together.



Singapore 'Ship' Series $10 and 'Portrait' Series $10 with serial number E/33 333333 & 0EE 333333.
Interesting Matching on two difference Singapore $10 notes.



These are some great example of Singapore 'Portrait' Series, Matching prefix & serial number with DPM Lee Hsien Loong signature under MAS designation.


Singapore 'Portrait' Series $2, $5, $10 with serial numbers 1AZ 111111 & $50 with serial number 2AZ 111111.

Very rare combination of Singapore 'Portrait' Series with identical prefix & serial number. There is no way to get a 'Portrait' $50 1AZ by DPM Lee as the first prefix started for DPM Lee under MAS is 2AA. Prefiz 1AZ is signed by Dr. Hu Tsu Tau. In term of value, prefix 1AZ will be just one step behind (First Prefix) 1AA as the letter Z is the last alphabet of the A series. Very impressive set of Matching.

In Malvin Auction 8, 19 Mar 2005, the 'Portrait' $5 alone with serial number 1AA 111111 was auctioned off away at US$6200 (Lot 578)



Singapore & Brunei Polymer $20 40th Anniversary Currency Interchangeability Agreement Commemorative Notes with serial numbers SGD 000083 & BHD 000083.
These notes are very special to me as it represent my birth year.



Limited edition Commemorative $10 polymer presidential note with serial number MAS 000083 & Brunei polymer $1 with serial number C/14 000083.



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