Sample notes, usually bearing special or all zero serial numbers and overprinted or perforated with word "Specimen" in the language of the language of the origin. Usually distributed on a restricted basis between natinal banks, treasuries and law enforcement agencies to familiarize them with newly issued currency. Specimen notes are not legal tender or redeemable, thus have no real 'face value' which also is indicated on some examples. The most unusual forms of Specimens were produced by the firm of Waterlow and Sons Ltd. They printed the notes with a company seal, and very offen made them in several different colour combinations in addition to the regularly approved colours. These were intended to be mounted in saleman's sample books.


Malaya KGVI 1st January 1940 $1 and $5 (Specimen) with serial number A/1 000009 and A/1 000026 respectively. Original UNC and one of my best buy in beginning of 2011 !

In 1940, an English merchant fleet carrying the shipment of the Malayan 1940 green $1 and blue $5 currency notes was sunk during the Second World War. These two denominations of currency were immediately declared obsolette, and not for legal tender and circulation by the British Government. In 1941, a new set of these two denominations were reproduced with the colours reversed to blue $1 and green $5. The original 1940 banknotes existing in the numismatic field for the past few decades were actually samples sent to the banks in Malaya for idenification and verification purposes. They were all stamped with the red seal 'Specimen' and were very limited in quantity. There were also some 1940 green $1 bearing prefix A/8 without the 'Specimen' seal but these banknotes were poor in conditions. They had been salvaged by some fishermen in the sea off the Straits of Malacca where the original shipment was sunk.



The West Indies QEII $1 1957 Trial uniface with serial number U2-123456.
(Pick unrecorded) watermarked paper, in the style of British Caribbean Territories issues and presumably an unadopted essay. The only example i have see so far. Uncirculated and extremely rare.



Hong Kong Chartered Bank ND $500 Thomas De La Rue & Co. Ltd Specimen No.1
Another rare note i would like to share. The very first TDLR 'Specimen' for the Hong Kong Chartered Bank $500.



The Bahamas Government QEII $50, L.1965, Both A 000000 Thomas De La Rue & Co. Ltd Specimen No.1
Very impressive TDLR Specimen No. 1 for both large denomination of the 1965 3 signatures series. Very beautiful and rare.



New Zealand QEII $100 1967-69 Specimen No.1 G 000000.
Signed by R.N Fleming, Very rare TDLR Specimen No.1 featuring Queen Elizabeth II.

Govnerment of Malta QEII 10 Shillings, L.1949, Colour Trial in red. Specimen No.1
This is the very first 'Specimen' Note of the Malta 10 Shillings Series. Very attractive and scarce.

Govnerment of the Falkland Islands QEII 10 Pounds , 1st Jan 1982 Thomas De La Rue & Co. Ltd Specimen No.1
This is the very first 'Specimen' Note of the Falkland Islands 10 Pounds.


The Monetary Authority of Belize QEII 1980 $1, $5, $10, $20 & $100 Thomas De La Rue & Co. Ltd Specimen No.1
A complete set of Specimen No.1 from the scare Belize series.


Provincial Bank of Ireland Limited 1965 5 Pounds Thomas De La Rue & Co. Ltd Specimen No.1

Provincial Bank of Ireland Limited 1968 5 Pounds Thomas De La Rue & Co. Ltd Specimen No.001
Above 2 notes are the largest denomination for the two series. In both completed series for the Provincial Bank of Ireland Limited, 1965 & 1968 issue, there are only 1 Pound & 5 Pounds available. Quite limited and therefore scarce.



Bank of Ireland 1967 5 Pounds Thomas De La Rue & Co. Ltd Specimen No.1.
First date of the issued signed by W.E Guthrie. Commonly seem in collector 'Specimen' with matching serial number but not TDLR 'Specimen'. With a Specimen No.1, This note definitely worth some money.

Bank of Ireland 1968 5 Pounds Thomas De La Rue & Co. Ltd Specimen No.001
As above but signed by H.H.M Chestnutt.



Mauritius 1967 QEII (Specimen) Set with serial number 000002.
This is the very 2nd set of collector specimen series. Very attractive and pleasing in all aspect.



The only fancy number 999 available as last number ends at 8PN 005001. Scarce & interesting !!

KBA-GIORI 2004 Test Note (Specimen) with 'Super Solid' numbers EE 55555555 & GG 77777777
This is definitely something very unusual and scarce, Picture of Jules Verne on front with such amazing numbers. Very colourful and ornate banknote with many different security features.



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